Life is gooood!

Baby gorilla

Photo credit: Todd Rosenberg / Lincoln Park Zoo.

Baby gorilla Nayembi was reunited with the rest of the gorilla troop recently at the Lincoln Park Zoo. She was removed from the group earlier after suffering from an injury that required specialized medical care. From these photos, she looks glad to be back!

Baby gorilla

Photo credit: Todd Rosenberg / Lincoln Park Zoo.

Read more on the Lincoln Park Zoo website.

Basking basilisk

Green basilisk

One happy iguana! Photo captured by Amiee Stubbs for Nashville Zoo’s Picture of the Week.

This green basilisk at the Nashville Zoo‘s Unseen World Exhibit knows how to strike a pose!  Green basilisks are also known as “Jesus Christ lizards” for their ability to run across water. Their specially designed feet and rapidly churning legs allow them to move along the surface of the water for 15 feet.

Love at first stripe

Pug nursing tiger cubs

One proud mama! This pug has stepped in to nurse these abandoned tiger cubs. Photo by the Daily Mail.

Sometimes a mother’s love transcends all boundaries.  At Oktyabrsky Health Resort in Sochi, in western Russia, two pugs are rearing an unusual litter: a set of abandoned tiger cubs!  Read more about this unlikely animal family at the Mail Online.

Tiger cubs

Sleepy cubs after a meal. Photo by the Daily Mail.